In which I judge others, immodestly.


Sorry Taylor.

This is a lot of work and it looks really dumb. Don’t do it.

Don’t worry, it’s not just me not being in the Christmas spirit. None of these brows are acceptable to me.

Not this.

Or this. I am scratching looking at it.

Chanel, no. Funny joke, haha.

Straight up villainy.

I could tell you how glitter is dangerous to your eyes, and your eyebrows and eyelashes aren’t super safe for non-eyeball friendly glitter.

I could describe how the eyebrows are the frames of the human face, and doing this to your eyebrows just makes you look like some sort of alien who farts out their nose. (Ah… each to their taste, however!)

But the real issue with these is that they are unbearably frumpy. It is about two seconds before kindergarten teachers are painstakingly parting their eyebrows with glitter gel and sticking on gems before they put on Rudolf earrings and a jingle bell necklace.

I realise that doing makeup with few alterations gets exceedingly dull, but take comfort in the fact that the kindergarten and Sunday school teachers of the world are delighted with this addition to their repertoire.

Wait! I think- yes!

I found one I love.



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