Welcome to Covering Style!

Hey! This is Deb, of Covering Style. I love fashion and art, as well as modesty, and I see no reason why frum should be short for frump!

I won’t lie- it’s not that easy for us modest girls. The mainstream world loves to mock us, no matter our reasons or background, and our choices in standard stores are not great. If the skirts are long, tank tops are in- if a top covers up to the neck, it’s shoulderless, sleeveless and modeled with miniskirts.

But I believe our bodies are our own. We don’t have to display them on the command of men or the common culture or anyone else. They are for God and us and our beloved ones- our spouses, our children, the ones we trust and love.

Although this blog is meant for everyone, I am Jewish. In Judaism, there is a commandment to beautify those things that God has asked of you. I know that for many women, attempting to be attractive is immodest, and I understand- you do you, ladies. I see a difference between taking pleasure in dressing for joy and beauty, however, and dressing to attract men. My family and friends are happier when I dress more in tune with my personality, my husband enjoys it, my best friend enjoys it. Just as I take joy when they dress to express their pleasure in beauty, in the lovely things of this world.

Unlike many modest women, I also refuse to take part in disagreeing with the choices of women who do not dress modestly. If they’re not called to it, that is not my business; they still ought to be treated with respect and care, and their intellectual and spiritual qualities respected. Their bodies also belong to themselves, after all, and we none of us can judge another’s relationship with God.

In other news, I have a busy household, with children, animals, gardening, cooking and work. I love to read and get out in nature, and I live in Australia, where it’s quite warm!

So that’s a bit about me. How about you?




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